Privacy Policy

The Security Of Your Information Is Our Top Priority

The Flower Lab is determined to exceed expectations with regards to the confidentiality and security of personal information submitted to us by applicants and members. Our policies on privacy and the security of your personal information were developed from the ground up to fully comply with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. The ten principles that govern our practices with regards to personal information are outlined below.


The Flower Lab is responsible for the maintenance and protection of personal information. We take every precaution possible when handling information provided to us by applicants and members alike. We have appointed an individual who is responsible for compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

Identifying Purposes

The purposes for which we require personal information will be clearly identified and communicated before or at the point of collection. Additionally, we have created pages which display both written explanations regarding the basics of our personal information collection and protection practices. For more information on the information we collect and how it is used, please contact us.

Informed Consent

Before submitting personal information to The Flower Lab, visitors will always be prompted to consent to the collection, use, or disclosure of said information except where required or permitted by law. The opportunity will be given to reviewing concise documentation regarding the terms of said consent. Furthermore, by using the The Flower Lab website all visitors are assumed to have read and agreed to the ‘Terms of Use’ as well as any and all other regulatory documents, agreements or information made available by The Flower Lab.

Limiting Collection

The Flower Lab will only collect, use, and retain personal information required in order to:

  • Review member applications

  • Fulfill online orders

  • Maintain member relations

  • Comply with federal and/or provincial regulations

  • Operate in a lawful manner

Limiting Use, Disclosure & Retention

Personal information is only used or disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected, unless consent is given otherwise, or where required or permitted by law. Personal information is only retained for the length of time needed for it to fulfill its original purpose or as required by law.


In order to minimize the possibility of discrepancies, all information must be kept accurate, complete and up to date. If there are any changes in the personal information provided during registration it is the responsibility of the registrant to update said information by editing their online profile, or by contacting The Flower Lab.

Information Safeguards

According to federal regulations, all personal information must be protected by appropriate safeguards based on the sensitivity of the said information. The Flower Lab is determined to go above and beyond the requirements set out by regulators when it comes to the security of the personal information of our applicants and members. We use state of the art security in every aspect of data collection and retention. All visits to the website are encrypted from beginning to end, ensuring a safe and secure web session. All information is stored in highly secure databases, and never shared with third parties. For more information on our security practices please visit our Security Overview.


The Flower Lab has policies and practices in place in order to ensure the proper use and protection of personal information. In addition, any members interested in learning more about how personal information is used, or protected from outside threats, are invited to contact The Flower Lab regarding specific information surrounding the safeguarding of personal data.

Individual Access

Any and all personal information maintained by The Flower Lab, as well as information regarding the existence, collection, use, and disclosure of said data will be made available to the individual upon request. Members may verify accuracy and completeness of their personal information as well as request that it be revised in situations where amendments are appropriate. In addition, members may edit their contact information, account credentials and shipping/billing address on demand by visiting the ‘Profile’ page.


All members may direct inquiries to the The Flower Lab designated Privacy Officer by contacting:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding The Flower Lab privacy and information security policies please contact us directly. If you do not receive acknowledgment of your inquiry or your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, you should then contact the Privacy Commissioner’s Office at, who will then serve as a liaison with The Flower Lab to help resolve your concerns.